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Nā Koa Manu Conservation, Inc. (NKMC) is a non-profit organization in Maui County, incorporated 22nd of May 2015. 

The purpose of NKMC is exclusively for charitable and educational purposes

that include the following services:

Protect and recover native Hawaiian bird populations by supporting conservation research and management activities of like-minded organizations, institutions, agencies and the public.
Implement on-the-ground conservation management strategies for the protection and recovery of native Hawaiian birds.
Support on-going and/or initiate forest and watershed restoration efforts in Hawaii for the benefit of native Hawaiian birds’ habitats.
Design and implement public education strategies to gain support for the recovery of native Hawaiian birds and the conservation of native Hawaiian flora and fauna locally, nationally, and internationally.
Connect our global community to the plight of endangered species in Hawaii in order to increase education and support for all of the above actions.
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